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Our primary values are ethics and integrity


CIMA+ has chosen to emphasise ethics and integrity, and we feel these values are essential to ensuring our continued growth. Our commitment to ethics is also demonstrated by the respect we show our employees and the interest we take in their success and well-being. It is not surprising that, year after year, CIMA+ ranks among the Best employers in Canada. Our ethical program includes many components which you can read about here

Multidisciplinary expertise


CIMA+ is a unique outlet to express our standards of excellence in engineering, project management, urban planning, new technologies and the environment. We have successfully executed thousands of projects by merging talent and highly skilled expertise.



International market


CIMA+ is present in Canada and Africa. Our professionals apply our standards of excellence to projects in the fields of building construction, transportation, hydroelectricity, infrastructure, telecommunications, environmental impact studies and mining, among others. Our clients are from both the public and private sectors.



Cutting-edge team


CIMA+ motivates creativity and ingenuity in each field of expertise. Our personnel stand out for their drive and innovative spirit. Our team members are at the heart of our success; they contribute to company growth and raise our standards of excellence on a daily basis.


Solid reputation. CIMA+ is a consulting firm renowned for its standards of excellence within all of its markets. Our company culture and strong values promote team spirit and entrepreneurship. 



Driven to excel


CIMA+ means vision, passion and innovation. These are the key elements in our standards of excellence.



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