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Hamidou Mamadou Abdou,
Eng., Ph.D., M.B.A.
Laval, Quebec



For me, excellence is establishing a solid base of fair partnership with client countries. This is made possible by a business model that ensures CIMA+ is deeply rooted in these countries, creates jobs, and participates in their economic and social development. It can be done. We have already recruited employees in Africa and trained them to CIMA+'s standards of excellence, which helped establish our outstanding reputation with various governments and multilateral development banks such as the World Bank and African Development Bank.


CIMA+ trusts people from the moment they are hired. I am passionate about my work thanks to a model that gives employees more and more autonomy as results are achieved. It's a simple concept: increased performance equals increased autonomy. Entrepreneurial spirits can therefore thrive at CIMA+. My goal is to quintuple our sales figure in Africa by 2020.


I am a member of CIMA+'s international strategy committee, and am responsible for the firm's business development and operations in Africa. I have over 20 years of experience in international projects. I have developed and managed over 100 international engineering projects.


Over the years, I have acquired solid understanding of emerging nations. I speak five languages, including Mandarin. Thanks to this knowledge, CIMA+ is present in 30 African countries.


Our team includes nearly 200 employees located in different countries from various engineering disciplines and cross-cutting specialities. We have regional offices in several African countries, in Vietnam, and in Eastern Europe. Our multicultural team works on major energy, transportation, water, and building projects, among others. For those who like traveling and are open to the world, the mandates that we carry out abroad are extraordinary opportunities to take advantage of.


I enjoy my work so much that I left Montréal and bought a house just seven minutes from my office in Laval, which allows me to be more present at the office, regardless of what is happening at home. Team spirit is at its best here, with lots of interaction, communication, solidarity, and of course, events in and outside of the office. Even between work and family, I still have time left to dedicate to various boards of directors and charitable associations.


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