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CIMA+ is a multidisciplinary firm that specializes in engineering, project management, urban planning, new technologies, and the environment. We provide a full range of services in the sectors of urban infrastructure, civil engineering, environment, transportation, building, industry, energy and hydroelectricity, telecommunications, geomatics, and urban planning.


CIMA+ was founded in 1990 through a series of mergers and the integration of firms with over 30 years of combined experience. Our company is one of the largest consulting services in Canada and North America. We employ nearly 1,800 people who put our standards of excellence into practice at all of our Canadian and international offices. With our 231 partners and associate partners, CIMA+ can now boast a ratio of partners and associate partners/employees that is over one to 10, enabling us to offer the highest quality of services to our clients.


In recent years, CIMA+ has been repeatedly recognized for its innovation, quality, and contribution to sustainable development through various awards and honourable mentions.  



CIMA+ aims to provide clients with integrated services and effective solutions while emphasizing a culture of excellence and accountability for their experts, all in a spirit of partnership.




A skilled workforce and a strong commitment to providing quality services are the foundations on which CIMA+ has built its reputation. Our team stands out for its drive, innovative spirit and integration of cutting-edge technologies in design activities and processes.


Each group includes a partner and about 10 specialists who represent every discipline, allowing us to reinforce our client commitment. While this structure is unusual in our industry, it allows for a uniquely personalized service offer.


We maintain our standards of excellence through continuous training programs, an ISO 9001-certified quality policy, an Organizational Quality Management (OQM) certified policy in British Columbia, and a commitment to providing our clients with exceptional services. Our culture reflects the experience, leadership, and passion of our partners and professionals.



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