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Quality Commitment

ISO 9001-2008 - CertificationWe maintain our standards of excellence through continuous training programs, a quality system that is both certified ISO 9001 in Canada and OQM certified (Organizational Quality Management) in British Columbia, as well as our commitment to providing clients with exceptional services. Our culture reflects the experience, leadership, and passion of our partners, professionals and employees.


CIMA+ and its subsidiaries* have been ISO 9001 certified since December 1995.


Quality Policy


CIMA+ managers and employees subscribe to a policy of providing consistent quality service that is maintained by continuous training, guaranteed by a responsible attitude, and ensured by a team-based organization. This policy confirms their commitment.


The ISO 9001 certification is a great source of pride for all CIMA+ employees. They are diligent in their efforts to maintain it by applying quality control procedures and mastering the processes leading to customer satisfaction.


We guarantee our clients perfect command of all activities that directly impact final product quality:

  1. Adherence to the technical program
  2. Technical quality of execution
  3. Cost and schedule management
  4. Marketing

At each step, our work organization requires that all control mechanisms are in place to meet customer expectations during and after execution.


 *With the exception of CIMA+ Construction Inc., CIMA International Inc., the Prince George Office, the TEMPUS product and the CCTV Inspection Department.


Characteristics and commitment


Our characteristics and commitment are:

  1. Direct and significant participation from at least one of our 115 partners in the execution of a mandate
  2. The invaluable combination of skills and experience from our human resources
  3. Outstanding discoveries in the field of new technologies
  4. Completing mandates in perfect synergy with our clients
  5. Adhering to budgets and schedules


OQM - Organizational Quality Management Program



CIMA+ has received the Organizational Quality Management (OQM) Certification in British Columbia in 2013.


The OQM more closely aligns CIMA+ with the Engineering Act in British Columbia, thereby improving the clarity in which the work is executed and documented.


Clients benefit the most from enhanced quality practices. OQM provide an extended set of corporate policies and procedures that include signing and sealing drawings, requirements for direct supervision, field reviews, checking of work, and record keeping. Consequently, communications are better, and thus, the potential for error, misunderstanding, delays and conflicts is reduced.



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