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Our buildings team's creativity, proficiency with the latest technological advances, and ability to carry out exceptional and technically complex projects are an integral part of our standards of excellence. We have developed cutting-edge expertise in original and effective solutions that take economic, social, and environmental issues into account.


A lifecycle approach


At CIMA+, a buildings is more than just a structure. It is a place where people will work or live, which will be developed, maintained and evolve over time. We always prioritize ease of maintenance, energy efficiency, user comfort, and development flexibility regardless of a project's complexity or scope. Our global vision reaches well beyond design.


CIMA+ is a member of the Canada Green Building Council. We employ over 30 LEED certified professionals and sustainable buildings design pioneers. We also offer support services towards LEED buildings certification.


CIMA+ thoroughly and effectively manages scope, schedules, costs, quality, and risks associated with all projects. Our managers integrate all data, develop monitoring tools, evaluate performance, and positively influence the success factors of each project. We ensure healthy management of risks and situations that could affect project design.


CIMA+ has extensive integrated design experience, which allows us to always recommend the best solutions. We provide integrated services in mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineering as well as in landscape architecture.


CIMA+ offers a range of services from expertise to implementation, including functional and technical programs, preparation of plans and specifications, as well as consultancy related to various contracting approaches.


CIMA+ is known for its client focus and high-quality plans and specifications. We strongly believe in optimizing the ratio between meeting needs and financial investment.


CIMA+ is renowned for its structural expertise. We have completed several seismic retrofitting projects and our use of various materials such as wood, steel, concrete, and composites attest to our versatility.


CIMA+ provides access to cutting-edge and effective electromechanical designs that use geothermal, solar, and wind energy.


CIMA+ has solid expertise in the fields of health, education, culture, recreation and sports, and in the commercial and institutional sectors.







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