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Westmount Recreation Centre




CIMA+ was asked to provide structural and civil engineering services to build the new Westmount Recreation Centre. The project consisted of integrating, within an existing urban park, a sports and recreation complex comprised of two indoor ice skating rinks, outdoor swimming pools and waterpark, community service facilities such as multipurpose rooms, a youth centre, an agora, patios, as well as landscaping. The client also wanted the project to incorporate sustainable development principles.


CIMA+ played a major role in the construction of the Westmount Recreation Centre by taking care of the structural and civil engineering components, which represented 40% of the total budget allocated to the project. The two ice skating rinks were built underground and CIMA+ enlisted the help of its bridge specialists for the design of roofs capable of supporting the weight of landscaping elements and light vehicle traffic. The depth of the excavations and the limited surface area of the site required the use of retaining berlin walls. The architectural and electromechanical drawings were produced with the REVIT 2012 software and the contractor used BIM functions to conduct his management activities. CIMA+’s teams proposed innovations that contributed to make this project unique, namely:

  • Utilization of expanded polystyrene to create the hills on the roof of the arena without increasing the weight of the structure.
  • - Utilization of GUbSF cement (binary blended hydraulic cement with silica fume), which allows to significantly reduce CO2 emissions generated by the use of concrete.
  • - Utilization of a composite assembly of custom-made arched steel beams and surface concrete slabs to reduce the weight of the structure, which cannot be achieved with the use of conventional beams.


The project was awarded a LEED Gold certification.


The CIMA+ engineers’ creativity and know-how have been recognized, since this project earned the AICQ Grand prix du génie-conseil (Quebec Consulting Enginering Award) in the Building-Structure category.

This project also received an Award of Excellence granted by the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC) in the Building category for the leading role CIMA+ played in the construction of the centre.


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