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Bridge engineering

Our team of bridge engineering experts has carved itself an enviable reputation over the course of the last few years, as much for the number of projects that it has completed as for the quality of services offered in the areas of construction project planning, design, management and infrastructure reconstruction.


CIMA+ has the necessary expertise to conduct preparatory studies, prepare plans and specifications and manage the work, whether for bridges (on roads, above water, railway, etc.), swing bridges, tunnels, overhead signage mounting systems, interchanges, pedestrian overpasses, etc.


CIMA+ is regularly called upon for work or analysis involving the following types of infrastructures:

  • bridges
    • suspension or cable-stayed
    • steel framed
    • in concrete
    • with mixed steel and concrete structures
    • with box girders in reinforced steel, pre- or post-tensioned
    • with prefabricated beams in prestressed concrete
    • with curved beams in concrete using composites made of fibre reinforced polymer
  • level or multilevel interchanges
  • large-scale culverts

CIMA+ was also responsible for the inspection of a significant number of structures over the course of the last few years. The inspection and monitoring of existing infrastructures also represents a noteworthy challenge, due to the age of many structures. In order to fully determine the measures to be taken to ensure the safety and comfort of users, it is important to take the appropriate actions, at the right time, according to the priority assigned to any given need. In order to do this, one must:

  • complete an inventory of the infrastructure bringing together all available data about its history and current conditions
  • manage this collected information properly and secure it to ensure good knowledge of the network
  • conduct summary or detailed inspection of the infrastructures, which allows:
    • identification of the components that could affect structural integrity and users' safety
    • detect recent anomalies
  • assess damages (structural assessments, bearing capacity, etc.)
  • establish priority ranking of interventions
  • plan maintenance
    • preventive (cleaning, painting, waterproofing, etc.)
    • ongoing (correction or reinforcement of certain components of the infrastructures such as guardrails, expansion joints, fill, slab stability, etc.)
  • plan reconstruction, essentially major corrections to one or another component of the infrastructure, after preparation of an opportunity study and plans and specifications (for example: design reinforcement measures)
  • plan for the replacement of existing infrastructure if it has reached the end of its life cycle and must be partially or completely rebuilt
  • launch the construction of new infrastructures

In all these fields, our team of experts uses cutting-edge techniques in the field of structural inspection, as well as infrastructure construction and reconstruction.


CIMA+ also serves as an independent consultant in situations where events are likely to affect the integrity of infrastructures, and particularly in a preventive fashion, notably by performing seismic analyses to ensure infrastructure stability.



Projects completed on behalf of the Ministère des Transports du Québec


Turcot Interchange

This extremely heavily used Montreal interchange, over 40 years old, consists of bridges, tunnels and retaining walls. CIMA+ conducted a systematic inspection of its structures and produced a rating assessment for the materials and structural capacity. A ranking of the necessary corrective measures was subsequently presented to the Ministère des Transports du Québec.


This project required the coordination of operations with the owners of various infrastructures such as those belonging to CN and CP, as well as the implementation of a system for traffic management, given the heavy usage of this interchange.


Préfontaine-Prévost Bridge

The Préfontaire-Prévost Bridge, in Terrebonne, which was nearly 100 years old, had become unstable and had to be completely closed to traffic.


The work assigned to CIMA+ consisted of demolishing the existing structure over a length of approximately 235 m and building a new bridge. Our team designed this bridge according to the new Canadian standard CAN/CSA-S6-00 regarding the design of highway bridges, and in compliance with all seismic protection criteria currently in effect.


CIMA+ was responsible for all stages of this project, from pre-project studies to monitoring the work, including the intermediate steps of preparing all plans, specifications and estimates.


Autoroute 50

CIMA+ participated in the construction of Autoroute 50 extension over a length of approximately 50 km between Lachute and Gatineau.


This project also involved the construction of two major bridges, three overpasses and a large-scale culvert with the design of a lower passage with a radius of 5.8 m at Balter Road.


CIMA+ performed the pre-project studies, prepared the plans and specifications and provided construction site supervision.


Highway 175

This project included the construction of an arc overpass, with 72 m span and 13.4 m width on Highway 175 above Autoroute 73 at Stoneham-and-Tewkesbury.


CIMA+ developed and analyzed possible solutions, prepared the design study report, performed pre-project studies and prepared plans and specifications and estimated construction costs.

Major reconstruction

Le Gardeur Bridge

This bridge, which crosses Rivière des Prairies and connects the eastern portion of the Island of Montreal to the city of Repentigny, is of great significance to the Montreal highway network. Consisting of two major structures, it had to be built with the addition of a bicycle lane, while maintaining traffic circulation for the duration of the work.


In this case, designers were faced with major constraints associated with extremely severe environmental standards imposed by the vulnerability of the aquatic environment in the construction zone.


CIMA+ prepared pre-project studies, plans and specifications, cost estimates and provided site supervision.


Île Charron Bridge

The bridge at Île Charron, on Autoroute 25, straddles both highway 112 and the St. Lawrence Seaway between Montreal and Longueuil. The work consisted of expanding the existing structure by the addition of a new beam on the east shore of the bridge. At a later date the concrete slab of the deck will also be completely replaced.


CIMA+ prepared plans and specifications for replacement of the slab and the repair to piles, and provides on-site monitoring of the work associated with the expansion of the bridge. 


Autoroute 15 - Décarie Boulevard

This project involved the complete or partial reconstruction of five overpasses, one pedestrian footbridge, and almost 3,000 m of retaining walls and guardrails on Autoroute 15, south of the Notre-Dame tunnel in Montreal.


CIMA+ conducted the pre-project studies, prepared the plans and specifications and provided supervision of the work.


Félix-Leclerc - Duplessis Interchange

This project consisted of the replacement of overpasses with two bridges made of post-tensioned, pre-stressed concrete, at the junction of Félix-Leclerc and Duplessis freeways in Quebec City. Architectural integration studies were conducted and specific measures were taken in order to minimize the impact of work on traffic.


CIMA+ completed the preliminary studies, prepared the final pre-project study and the surveys, prepared the plans and specifications, construction cost estimates and provided monitoring of the work.


CIMA+ has been responsible for the inspection of numerous structures over the course of the last few years for a variety of clients:


  • over 1,500 various structures across Quebec for the MTQ
  • Ville-Marie, Louis-Hippolyte-Lafontaine and Atwater tunnels, etc. on behalf of the MTQ
  • various structures for several cities across Quebec






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