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Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture

CIMA+ has cutting-edge expertise in sustainable urban planning, landscape architecture, real-estate development, agricultural land and activity development and management, and urban studies and strategies. At every stage of a project, creating balanced communities and implementing sustainable development are key planning concerns. This is an integral part of our standards of excellence.



Integrated multidisciplinary approach


CIMA+’s integrated multidisciplinary approach ensures a complete understanding of challenges encountered in urban projects. We employ over 50 specialists with highly diversified knowledge working in different fields. Our renowned expertise in urban planning and landscape architecture, as well as our widespread presence in Canada and abroad, give us an advanced understanding of local urban issues and ensure the development of projects established in their intervention context.


CIMA+ helps municipalities, private companies, and public organizations reach their goals. Our specialists propose innovative and attainable planning solutions while considering social contexts, environmental characteristics as well as economic and financial prerogatives.


CIMA+ and its sustainable urban and land planning experts provide municipalities with tools that are adapted to local realities. The planning and development diagrams, urban planning designs, and urban planning regulations that we provide all follow a long-term planning approach whose ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for citizens.


CIMA+ landscape architecture and urban design specialists offer an approach that creates distinctive spaces with a unique identity. Our experts’ cutting-edge creative, artistic, and technical knowledge allows us to create imaginative and integrated spaces that highlight thorough consideration in the choice of materials and vegetation, sidewalk and bicycle lane integration, and street furniture.


CIMA+ works with real-estate developers during their preliminary investment analyses, site plan development, sector studies and the project approval process. We know that only an integrated real-estate development approach will serve to create high-quality commercial, residential, or industrial environments. Our approach favours optimized dividends, as well as increased financial and fiscal profits from projects. Our team includes LEED® certified professionals who handle the environmental certification process for real-estate projects.


CIMA+ provides world-class expertise in agricultural land and activity development and management. Our adapted solutions ensure long-term appreciation of agricultural land, consistent rural development management, and improved food security for the population.


CIMA+ provides urban research, real-estate strategy, and decision-making assistance services. Our approach is adapted to each context and it allows us to find well-informed solutions that respect the client’s preferences, organizational model, and financial and technical abilities.



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