Airports & Aviation

The expertise of our specialists is recognized on the international scene. They have worked for airlines, governments, airport authorities, concessionaires and operators, and have worked with IATA to enhance competencies in the field. Throughout their careers, they have been able to develop a unique perspective on stakeholder issues and the most appropriate solutions, at all steps of the project lifecycle.

At the planning phase, they use their cutting-edge expertise in simulation, demand/capacity analyses, level of service assessments and in the design of tools, models and methodologies that aim to optimize operations, services and profits for small, medium and large airports. They can also assist in the implementation and financing  phases.

Our specialists have developed IATA’s simulation model, planning methodologies and level of service standards that are used throughout the world. They have also collaborated on the 9th edition of IATA’s Airport Development Reference Manual, and sat on the ICAO’s Aerodrome Panel for the update of Annex 14.