The metropolitan area is facing major challenges in terms of the availability and mobility of the labour pool, which is driving us to rethink, adapt and diversify our work environment.

Denis Thivierge

, P. Eng.

Chief Operating
and Financial Officer

Denis Thivierge leads the CIMA+ offices in Montréal. As Vice President, Buildings for the greater metropolitan region, he defines the strategic orientations and manages operations and business development.

Renowned for his leadership and vision, he develops, engages and supervises the members of the mechanical, electrical and structural teams, as well as those on the specialized sustainable development team. Also recognized for his technical approach, Denis has been involved in the execution of numerous projects, from design to work supervision, and has served as an energy efficiency expert on many of these projects.

His vision of the work environment

In order to attract and retain human capital, which is our raw material, we must develop stimulating work spaces for the up-and-coming generation of workers, who will ensure our longevity. In addition, the creation of virtual and collaborative spaces and the launch of satellite offices, will enable us to remain competitive and attract the best talents.

With a view to ensuring sustainable development, we must also increase the density of our rental spaces by offering even more technological innovations designed to shrink our carbon footprint.

The importance of social involvement

Denis is invested in the arts, and in the fields of health and education. He is particularly passionate about the future of youth. For Denis, giving everyone the same chances for success requires a quality education. He cares deeply about the needs of seniors, because he believes that it is only fair to give back to those who have contributed to society for their whole lives.