3D Scans & Drones

For more than a decade, CIMA+ has been providing superior-quality services in the integrated use of 3D scanners and drones during project design and construction, for clients of all sizes across America, Europe and Africa.

We provide quality surveying services, thanks to our knowledge of the issues involved in the design and construction of engineering projects in our various areas of expertise. Our wide-ranging experience allows us to select the digital surveying equipment and technologies that are best-suited to the context and the needs of our clients. From surveying the existing conditions to major maintenance (shut-down) simulations, we assemble the solutions and incorporate them into your work flow, in order to optimize your investment, and exercise more effective control over all of the parameters.

High-density 3D scanners and drones are used to carry out various types of point-cloud and photogrammetric surveys, including:

  • Surveying and monitoring of structures (bridges, overpasses, dams), crack detection
  • Surveying of confined or hazardous spaces
  • Surveying of existing conditions for preliminary design
  • Timely surveying for monitoring and quality control during construction
  • Accurate and controlled georeferenced surveying
  • Riverbank surveying, monitoring of erosion, wetlands, flood-prone areas, landslides, deformation and movement monitoring