At CIMA+, engineering excellence means delivering optimal solutions incorporated into a multidisciplinary approach. Our clients come from all walks of life and all parts of the world. They are involved in every branch of human activity, and work toward the ideal “integrated city” through applying the principles of sustainable development.

Our deliverables, whether at the design, construction or operational stage, are precise and not subject to interpretation. CIMA+ relies on a comprehensive and recognized expertise that makes it possible to optimize the return on an investment over its entire life cycle. Studies, analyses, drawings, specifications and models are produced to strict standards. Client feedback and satisfaction data are gathered systematically, and shared throughout the organization.

Whatever their nature, great projects are born from great opportunities. Our engineers are trained to integrate all of the available data into a unified, functional and dynamic whole. Our professionals prioritize a collective approach to performance, innovation and environmental protection.

Infrastructure Assets

Infrastructure engineering is one of the foundations of life as part of a society, and our professionals know how to weave together the imperatives of safety, sustainability, performance and aesthetic appeal.

The CIMA+ team includes some of the country’s greatest talents in infrastructure engineering. Our services cover all types of projects, and draw on one of the most extensive portfolios in the areas of land, marine and air transportation, municipal networks, environment, infrastructure assets, and recreational and community facilities.

We serve a diverse client base comprised of government agencies and departments, cities and municipalities and private companies, to whom we offer a complete range of solutions tailored to their specific context, and meeting the highest industry standards.

Optimized through multidisciplinary coordination and the use of the newest digital tools, our Canada-wide presence allows us to offer local service and access to solutions developed in all divisions of CIMA+. The principles of Envision certification support an approach that is already widely focused on sustainable development.

Building Engineering

Notably recognized for its work in the areas of seismic engineering, energy performance and Building Information Modeling (BIM) management, our buildings team tailors its designs to the needs of users, and serves as a technical adviser to clients, in order to ensure the feasibility and viability of the concepts considered from the initial stages of a project. We are often called upon to take charge of the multidisciplinary coordination function for both rehabilitation projects and new construction.

Our building engineering services cover every project stage and every design, construction and operation model. We are user and operator-oriented, and can work in support of the boldest architectural visions, and the most ambitious energy performance goals.

Our engineers’ vision extends beyond the design of efficient buildings. It is integrated into an intelligent construction approach that takes into consideration the entire life cycle of buildings. We have delivered more than 70 LEED projects to date, and are already training professionals for International WELL Building Institute certification. In synergy with LEED, this new certification focuses on the well-being of users and aims to stimulate productivity, commitment and staff retention.

Energy Installations

For more than 40 years, CIMA+ has been involved in the design and construction of energy production infrastructure assets across Canada, in Africa and the United States. We have built or rehabilitated more than 350 hydroelectric dams, and have designed some of the largest solar power farms in the world.

Our professionals have extensive expertise in the area of energy installations (hydroelectric, wind, solar, nuclear, and thermal energy), and transmission and distribution grids. Given that electricity plays a crucial role in human and economic activity, we are conscious of the fact that these systems represent the nerve centre for every community, and must be capable of supporting their developing needs. The CIMA+ team includes experienced engineers and technicians who have mastered the highest industry standards and possess comprehensive knowledge of the various types of equipment and their components.

Renewable energy is at the heart of Canada’s energy strategy with respect to domestic and industrial energy use. CIMA+ is intimately familiar with the numerous programs made available to developers and operators, and offers services that cover every stage of the projects that are entrusted to us, from feasibility analysis to commissioning.

Natural Resources and Industrial Complexes

CIMA+ has developed multidisciplinary expertise in natural resource engineering, and has been involved in the construction of numerous mining and industrial complexes of various types and sizes. Designing these types of infrastructure assets requires a mastery of the parameters of extreme durability and continuous (24/7) operation.

Backed by their expertise, our professionals are able to provide our clients with innovative solutions tailored to the highly competitive context of the industry. These solutions lead to increased productivity, maximizing return on investment and meeting or even exceeding the funding programs’ criteria.

The services offered by CIMA+ cover all stages of project delivery, from environmental studies to operation of the facilities. Our expertise includes automation, optimization of production lines and scheduled major maintenance (shut-down), as well as complementary disciplines (hydrology, hydraulics, geology, geotechnics, etc.).

Meeting the highest performance and safety standards is the guiding principle for all of our projects, as is the “Journey to Zero” culture, which translates into numerous concrete ISO-9001-certified initiatives and measures.