Geomatics & Surveying

Geomatics is a land management science that combines all of the tools and methods used to capture and analyze geographical data.

Our experts bring added value to the inventorying, integration, management and representation of results. They provide our engineering, environmental, urban planning and project management professionals with highly precise data and analyses using the latest geomatics techniques including: geographic information system (GIS), interactive or traditional mapping, asset survey, geoprocessing and spatial analysis, as well as traditional and 3D modeling. Their involvement extends to all engineering disciplines, providing services for projects in the areas of transportation, energy, industry and land development. Working in partnership with our clients, our teams develop customized solutions and tools, both georeferenced and multi-user, that meet their specific needs and correspond to their technological environment.

Our CIMA Geomatics Land Surveying Inc. subsidiary is authorized to perform official surveying work in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and on Canada Lands Company lands, including national parks and native reserves.