MILES, Maintenance & Investigation Of Lines

For managers of public electric utilities, the reliability of the grid is of utmost importance, because the public and companies are connected 24/7.

MILES is a revolutionary tool patented by Hydro-Québec that allows for the detection of both permanent and momentary failures in a power grid.

MILES stands apart from all other systems. In addition to detecting problems, it suggests probable causes, such as vegetation, a broken conductor, an animal, or a defective insulator.

The team of experts at CIMA+ are able to customize the application based on the specific characteristics of the grid. MILES has a user-friendly web interface that displays the location of a problem (using Google Maps), and provides real-time data and complete analytical reports pertaining to the failure. Real-time notifications make it possible to generate work orders and assign teams in the field. Analysis of MILES data also helps to increase the effectiveness of preventive maintenance programs and enhance performance indicators, such as SAIDI/SAIFI/MAIFI.

The MILES system is easily installed on overhead networks, and a pilot project involving underground installation is currently underway.