Urban Planning & Landscape Architecture

Urban planning and landscape architecture – bridging the gap between nature, people and our built environments.

Urban planning, area planning and landscape architecture form an integral part of our territorial development. Thanks to a long-term vision, tools adapted to local realities, and an excellent understanding of urban and rural issues, the projects entrusted to our multi-disciplinary teams are well integrated into their surroundings.

The team has mastered the latest urban planning techniques, and creates distinctive spaces resulting from in-depth reflection regarding the selection of materials, plant cover and street furniture.

Commercial, residential or industrial real estate is also central to our activities, and developers can call upon our services at every stage of their projects, starting with the pre-investment analysis.

Our urban planners regularly work with clients in rural environments, and they are well aware of local issues, applicable regulations, rules governing land development and management, as well as agricultural issues. In this respect, consistent development management and increasing land value over the long term are warranted.

Whether in urban or rural settings, CIMA+ contributes to the stability and sustainable development of our communities every day.