Building Engineering


Notably recognized for its work in the areas of seismic engineering, energy performance and Building Information Modeling (BIM) management, our buildings team tailors its designs to the needs of users, and serves as a technical adviser to clients, in order to ensure the feasibility and viability of the concepts considered from the initial stages of a project. We are often called upon to take charge of the multidisciplinary coordination function for both rehabilitation projects and new construction.

Our building engineering services cover every project stage and every design, construction and operation model. We are user and operator-oriented, and can work in support of the boldest architectural visions, and the most ambitious energy performance goals.

Our engineers’ vision extends beyond the design of efficient buildings. It is integrated into an intelligent construction approach that takes into consideration the entire life cycle of buildings. We have delivered more than 70 LEED projects to date, and are already training professionals for International WELL Building Institute certification. In synergy with LEED, this new certification focuses on the well-being of users and aims to stimulate productivity, commitment and staff retention.