Infrastructure Assets


Infrastructure engineering is one of the foundations of life as part of a society, and our professionals know how to weave together the imperatives of safety, sustainability, performance and aesthetic appeal.

The CIMA+ team includes some of the country’s greatest talents in infrastructure engineering. Our services cover all types of projects, and draw on one of the most extensive portfolios in the areas of land, marine and air transportation, municipal networks, environment, infrastructure assets, and recreational and community facilities.

We serve a diverse client base comprised of government agencies and departments, cities and municipalities and private companies, to whom we offer a complete range of solutions tailored to their specific context, and meeting the highest industry standards.

Optimized through multidisciplinary coordination and the use of the newest digital tools, our Canada-wide presence allows us to offer local service and access to solutions developed in all divisions of CIMA+. The principles of Envision certification support an approach that is already widely focused on sustainable development.