Spotlight on Nesrine Bendjaada

Can you give us a brief overview of your career?

I have acquired five years’ experience as a civil engineer in the construction sector. I was involved in project planning and management, as well as the design and supervision of various types of construction and structural maintenance work.


Can you tell us what led you to consider a position with our company?

What initially motivated me was the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and skills in the field of consulting engineering, thus enabling me to acquire varied professional experience.

Furthermore, the company’s international reputation prompted me to research the firm further, which led me to wish to pursue my career with CIMA+.


What motivated you to choose to work in Canada, and what do you hope to achieve?

The primary motivation for me to come and work in Canada were the many professional opportunities that open the door to a promising future. These prospects encourage me to take on new challenges, enrich my skills and acquire new technical knowledge to strengthen my contribution. What’s more, I wish to discover a new culture and immerse myself in a different way of life.



Did you have any reluctance to settle in Canada? If so, how did you overcome this?

It goes without saying that a life change of this magnitude brings a great deal of concern and uncertainty. To overcome my reluctance, I did extensive research into the services available in Canada for welcoming and integrating newcomers and, of course, I was supported throughout the process by the CIMA+ HR team. This greatly facilitated my transition in the best possible conditions and enabled me to quickly adapt to my new environment.


What unique skills or perspectives do you think you can bring to CIMA+?

My ability to adapt to different contexts and requirements will enable me to integrate quickly and efficiently within CIMA+. Curious and inventive by nature, I can find and propose innovative solutions to problems, which is an advantage when it comes to making informed decisions. In addition to excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as a good analytical mind, I am methodical and well organized, and ready to take on challenges with enthusiasm. I am convinced that these skills will enable me to contribute effectively to CIMA+’s success.


In your opinion, what is your greatest challenge?

My primary challenge is to become a competent engineer, fully capable of assuming my professional responsibilities with complete autonomy. This means honing my skills and applying them effectively in my day-to-day work.


What are your career aspirations for the next three to five years, and how does this role fit in with those goals?

My career aspirations for the next three to five years include the continued development of my field of expertise, which will enable me to take on greater responsibilities and acquire broader skills. My goal is to become a source of inspiration and excellence in my field. My role fits in perfectly with my objectives, allowing me to deepen my knowledge and take on new and stimulating challenges.


What additional skills or knowledge would you like to acquire through your work at CIMA+?

On the one hand, I want to hone my skills in inspecting complex structures, and on the other, participate in the coordination of load-bearing capacity assessment projects.

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