Hydropower & Dams

A specialized multidisciplinary team: Integrating the latest innovations and practical approach in hydropower and dam engineering.

In the last 30 years, CIMA+ has participated in over 400 hydropower and dam development, rehabilitation and retrofit projects of all sizes and capacities ranging from 400 kW to 400 MW.

Our team of 80 engineers and technologists dedicated to hydropower generation and dams possesses the specialized expertise and multidisciplinary skills to implement projects from start to finish, from feasibility studies and permit applications, to condition and safety assessments, detailed design, drawing and specifications for construction, through to commissioning and operation.

We help owners and developers to analyze the technical and economic feasibility of their investments in new hydropower projects, as well as the upgrade or rehabilitation of their facilities and related components. Our experts assess needs and propose customized solutions, whether for basic maintenance work, upgrade or complete reconstruction.

Our clients include publicly owned power generation producers at the municipal and provincial level, independent developers, municipalities, provincial conservation authorities, operation and maintenance companies, manufacturers as well as specialized civil work and hydropower construction contractors.

For more information, please contact: hydropower@cima.ca