Northern Regions

A one-stop shop for northern communities

CIMA+ is a member of the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business (CCAB) and a Platinum sponsor of the 18th edition of the International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering and 8th Canadian Permafrost Conference (ICCRE-CPC2019).

For more than 20 years, CIMA+ has been actively involved in the northern regions, as well as in indigenous communities north of the 47th parallel. Projects delivered in these remote regions, subjected to harsh conditions, present unique constraints and challenges that need to be rapidly addressed. This is why we are there, when and where our clients need us, whether for the design and construction of buildings, highway or marine infrastructure assets, power generation and distribution, telecommunications or environmental expertise. Furthermore, we have extensive experience with code compliance for fuel system installations in Northern Canada. Our experts are dedicated to proposing innovative solutions that support the optimization of available resources and ease of implementation, operation and maintenance.