CIMA+ has experience with a wide variety of solar installations, from smaller 7.5 kW roof top projects to larger ground mount systems with a generating capacity of over 200 MW.

CIMA+’s renewable energy specialists have been involved in solar energy projects since 2007. The team is knowledgeable in a variety of areas such as standards, processes, technological developments and design approaches. We work closely with our clients during all phases of a solar project – from conceptual feasibility studies and defining design requirements, to detailed design, commissioning and post construction support.

Our various groups have experience with multiple interconnection methods and voltage levels, such as behind the meter, distribution or transmission connected and off-grid networks. This vast knowledge allows for reduced delays and costs, creative solutions and a seamless integration with the existing networks. The range of services offered throughout CIMA+’s sectors streamlines our clients’ workflow, by reducing coordination efforts with multiple stakeholders as well as simplifying project management, implementation and completion.

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