Since renewable energy sources emerged in Canada, CIMA+ has been providing its clients with leading-edge services related to wind energy technology, and was involved in the first project in this field in Québec.

On the strength of the experience we have acquired in carrying out projects of varying scales related to wind energy, CIMA+ proposes innovative solutions adapted to the specific needs and constraints of each client. The design of infrastructure assets and systems for this energy source has evolved significantly over the years, for a number of reasons, including the distance of wind farms from electrical interconnection structures, the significant increase in the power of wind turbines and the more specific interconnection standards and criteria established by public utility providers, all within the context of a market that is more competitive than ever. CIMA+ meets the challenges of this new reality by offering project proponents and entrepreneurs the services of a high-level multidisciplinary team to design sustainable and innovative solutions for projects ranging from 15 to 400 MW in capacity.

CIMA+ also works closely with operators of existing sites to resolve recurring problems to reduce the number and duration of shutdowns and improve the reliability of networks. Among other projects, we have converted a number of wind turbines in order to increase their heating capacity and ensure uninterrupted service during periods of extreme cold. CIMA+ also guides its clients through the NERC compliance process.

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