What I enjoy the most is contributing to collective wealth by helping businesses grow.

Josée Morin

, Eng.

Independent Director

Josée Morin sits as an independent member on CIMA+’s Board of Directors. After successfully starting two technology companies that were sold to US corporations, Josée Morin has proven her ability to think strategically and deliver bottom-line company growth. Mrs. Morin is a consensus builder and experienced bilingual corporate director, contributing to boards through her expertise in risk management and IT governance.

Her involvement as an independent director

With her profile and experiences, Josée brings an important diversity of opinions to CIMA+’s Board. It has been proven that companies with a diversified Board of Directors have better economic performance than homogenous ones. Her external point of view from a tech-savvy woman’s perspective on the company’s strategies will enrich the Board members’ discussions on the present and future of CIMA+.

Her decision to sit on CIMA+’s Board

The values that Josée shares with the firm are what drew her first to CIMA+, especially ethics and governance best practices that are in place. Excellence, innovation and passion are other values that resonate with her. Josée is very much aware of the important challenges our society will be facing, such as climate change. She believes that CIMA+’s human and intellectual capital will be essential in helping solve these problems. Being part of CIMA+’s Board is her way of contributing to finding solutions to the critical issues our society will be facing.