Considering the scope, complexity and increasing challenges of social acceptability of the projects with which we are entrusted, strict and innovative project management is a critical component of public and private investments today.

Yves Roland Mondou

, P. Eng.

Executive Vice President, Project Management

As Executive Vice President, Project Management, Yves Roland Mondou leads multidisciplinary teams in the framework of major public infrastructure projects and private investments. For more than 25 years, he has been involved in the delivery of projects in the hospital, public transit and commercial real estate sectors. He has also acquired practical experience in alternative project delivery models, such as design-construction and public-private partnership (P3).

The main challenge in project management

Innovation and continuing education: When it comes to project management, our clients’ expectations are increasingly demanding and sophisticated; there is no room for budget overruns or missed deadlines. Therefore, it is important to create value for the client by mastering the latest available technologies and innovations. The continuous renewal of our knowledge and the introduction of best practices are promises of success.

Moments of pride

Yves Roland mentions a key moment for him and his team: The day the children moved into the new care unit at CHU Sainte-Justine was a moment of great satisfaction and accomplishment. He also emphasizes his pride in seeing the dedication and efficiency with which his team of management experts contributes to the success of the projects entrusted to them by our clients and partners, each and every day.

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