CIMA+ and its employees give more than $54,000 to the Breakfast Club of Canada

September 9, 2020 – Once again, CIMA+ employees have demonstrated great generosity by collecting $25,875 for the Breakfast Club of Canada (126% of the $20,000 objective). CIMA+’s management contributed an additional $20,000 to the sum collected by its employees. We also thank Sodexho for donating an additional $8,813.

Therefore, a total of $54,668 will be given to the organization. We are very proud of our contribution that will help feed children who may be aspiring to become future engineers, the builders of tomorrow’s world

A Ripple Effect

Initiated by Yan Foisy Desjardins who, through a YouTube video, invited his colleagues to collect funds for a cause he holds dear, this initiative encouraged employees in our offices across the country to join in the effort. This was namely the case in Calgary and Montreal where Mathilde Pelletier’s team participated in raising funds.

A Critical Need, Amplified by COVID-19

Before the pandemic, one out of four Canadian students was leaving for school without having had breakfast. Although we do not already know what impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on this sad statistic, we can easily surmise that the economic problems many Canadians faced during this crisis only worsened the food insecurity these children suffered. Food insecurity has direct repercussions on children’s academic success. When students go to school on an empty stomach, many negative impacts can be observed: lack of concentration, stress, behavioral, lack of commitment towards learning and, therefore, higher risk of dropping out of school, etc.

Founded in 1994, the Breakfast Club of Canada serves 257,743 nutritious breakfasts daily in 1,887 schools across Canada.

Because each $2 collected will allow one child to have a nutritious breakfast tomorrow, we thank all contributors for their gesture of solidarity and generosity!

The Engagement Committee

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