CIMA+’s TEMPUS® enters the US market

Calgary, June 10, 2019 - CIMA+ is pleased to announce that we are expanding our TEMPUS offerings to the United States.

Every 20 years or so, industrial plants need to replace their existing control systems as parts become obsolete and less functional. This often causes headaches for plant owners because these aging systems cause serious reliability problems and lost production. Our proprietary TEMPUS system is the only tool on the market that allows for cutover of an industrial control system to a new platform without impacting the plant’s production. The tool saves our clients time and money by eliminating a plant shutdown.

This technology is a first in the United States as there are no solutions to migrate control systems without either a plant shut down or a slow, risky, and complex online method – until now.  TEMPUS allows our clients to upgrade their systems quickly and efficiently while reducing the risks and unknown factors surrounding the migration process.

“This move is exciting for CIMA+ because we’re able to offer our clients a very unique solution that helps them meet their needs simply and efficiently”, says David Findlay, CIMA+ partner and TEMPUS developer. “TEMPUS acts as a temporary bridge between the obsolete control system to a new state-of-the-art system to allow seamless transfer of control. This technology is an enabler for customers to modernize their plants without all the traditional headaches and risks of a traditional upgrade”.

The TEMPUS team has active projects in Wyoming, Texas, and Louisiana. We’re also currently working in partnership with Honeywell on several projects upgrading their client’s legacy systems. In addition to TEMPUS and our automation services, CIMA+ offers consulting engineering services in buildings, communications systems, energy, industry, municipal infrastructure, transportation, geomatics, and project management.

About CIMA+

CIMA+ is a Canadian, multidisciplinary firm that specializes in consulting engineering, project management, urban planning, communication systems, and the environment, allowing for a full range of services in urban infrastructure, transportation, buildings, industry, energy and hydroelectricity, telecommunications and geomatics. Founded in 1990, CIMA+ was created through the merger of several well-established consulting engineering firms. Today, with over 30 offices across Canada and Africa, CIMA+ employs over 2,000 people, over half of whom share ownership of the company. CIMA+ has reached the prestigious Best Employers in Canada’s Platinum Level, which is exclusively reserved for organizations that achieved the best results in the Aon Hewitt survey. For more information on CIMA+, please visit


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Director — Marketing and communications

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