Silverthorn Reservoir and Pumping Station Expansion, Ontario

An expansion project to meet the demands of a rapidly growing population.

This project was part of the Region of Peel’s Capital Plan to meet increased demand as per a scenario forecasting intensified growth between 2019 and 2031. The process design approach for this project was to optimize operational flexibility, multiple modes of operation, and improved integration with future infrastructure at the site. CIMA+ provided engineering services to complete this project for the expansion of the Silverthorn reservoir and pumping station. Major components of the project include a 25-million-litre reservoir and overflow/storm water facilities, the addition of a reservoir distribution centre and improvements to the yard piping systems, the replacement of all high, medium and low voltage electrical systems, and a pumping station expansion. Various major maintenance improvements were also added to the existing facility such as valve replacement, designated substance removal, process and drain piping replacement, lighting replacement and improvement and removal and decommissioning of non-functioning instrumentation equipment.

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