Regional Review of Problematic Rural Intersections in the central region of Alberta

Intersection assessments, including investigating roundabout feasibility, were conducted in order to optimize traffic operations and safety in a cost-effective manner.

CIMA+ completed in-service safety reviews at each of the seven two-way stop-controlled intersections and examined operations to develop a set of “quick-win” improvements, some of which were implemented during the study. Traffic forecasting and review of future intersection operations were used to develop roundabout and signal concepts.

Furthermore, benefit and lifecycle cost analyses, combined with an evaluation of each option resulted in the selection of a preferred alternative for each intersection. The functional design for each of the preferred alternatives included the assessment of utility, rail, stormwater and environmental impacts.

The work plan also included engagement with municipalities where the intersections were located, as well as land and business owners where there was potential for land or access impacts.

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