Battery-based energy storage system

Transition toward greener energy while reducing the dependence on fossil fuels for this Aboriginal community.

The community of Colville Lake, located 50 km from the Arctic Circle, relied on diesel fuel to generate electricity. Seeking to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, this community of less than 200 people began supplementing its diesel-powered generating stations with renewable energy sources and a battery-based energy storage system.

After conducting a performance analysis of the existing system, CIMA+ developed recommendations for improving the efficiency of the Colville Lake solar power farm and its battery-based energy storage system, which will make it possible to minimize GHG emissions.

CIMA+ also prepared specifications for the design of future power station upgrade projects, so that the addition of renewable energy sources to diesel-powered generating stations will become essential. In addition, thanks to the experience acquired during the course of this project, the community now has a qualified local workforce.

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