Dismantle and install a brown pulp washer-diffuser in emergency mode

Following the collapse of an atmospheric diffuser caused by a major breakdown in a pulp and paper mill, CIMA+ deployed an emergency team to ensure the safety of the site, the maintenance of production and the evaluation of an alternative.

Initially, CIMA+ was responsible for ensuring the safe dismantling of the atmospheric diffuser and equipment affected by the collapse while maintaining production in the plant area. The team then developed and implemented the selected alternative for replacing the damaged equipment.

The team detailed the dismantling steps and the risks associated with the task with the appropriate mitigation measures. For example, to stabilize the 300 metric ton load and facilitate its dismantling, lean concrete was injected into a column located underneath the broken equipment.

Careful work planning in collaboration with operation, maintenance, engineering, and construction staff allowed for the transfer of the atmospheric diffuser to the pressurized washer-diffuser during a production shutdown that lasted only 24 hours.

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