Energy Centre – Nanaimo Regional General Hospital

CIMA+ helps support the growth of a major health care facility by designing a new electrical substation.

With continued population growth on Vancouver Island, Nanaimo Regional General Hospital has had to meet the demand for services with the addition of a second electrical substation. This substation dubbed the “Energy Centre” was decided on as the best course of action following a feasibility study commissioned by the Island Health group and conducted by the team at CIMA+, alongside a group of engineers and architects. Through the course of the feasibility study, the team examined and reviewed several options to meet the existing and future electrical needs of the hospital campus. A consensus was reached, and the study was published and distributed to the British Columbia Ministry of Health. The electrical engineering work was awarded to CIMA+ with the direction to proceed to schematic design and subsequent detailed design, as well as preparation of contract documents. The schematic design phase established the features and core equipment that would make up the Energy Centre.

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