GHG Inventory for the Rehabilitation of Northern Area Dams Six Mile Lake Region

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) has been a client of CIMA+s for many years, and more recently the Sustainability team has been providing services for conducting a GHG Inventory and establishing procedures for GHG Emissions and Waste Management. These services were provided during the rehabilitation and replacement phases of three (3) dams and of an access road within the northern region of Six Mile Lake, Ontario.

In alignment with the Government of Canada’s goals in being carbon neutral by 2050, CIMA+ developed specifications for the management of GHG emissions and waste produced from all construction processes on site. A preliminary inventory of GHG emissions was conducted to identify the high-emitting activities and to recommend reduction and mitigation measures associated to each sites GHG emissions.

Coupled with the specifications, CIMA+ is providing the client with a GHG inventory for the project delivering a tool custom created in alignment with the GHG Protocol for Project Accounting.

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