Helping a city reach greater sustainability

CIMA+ contributed to the expansion of a major substation owned by the City of Summerside, one of the two major cities on the Prince Edward Island.

The expansion was part of a municipal energy self-sufficiency program that included the integration of a new solar farm equipped with a battery energy storage system of 10,000 kW.

CIMA+ performed the preliminary design and technical requirements of the solar farm (25 MWDC and 21MWAC), battery energy storage system (10 MVAC/20 MWH) and interconnection line. It then acted as Owner’s Engineer for the project completion involving the EPC Contractor.

CIMA+ helped the City save approximately $150,000 by recommending that the requested two electric circuits be reduced to only one.

Main Challenges and Innovative Solutions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the main challenges was the timely delivery of equipment. To help this process along, it was crucial to provide the client with specifications early on to afford them sufficient time to order the equipment.

Fitting the expansion into the existing site and allowing for a future bay expansion was another challenge.

Contribution to Sustainable Development

The City of Summerside has high environmental standards. CIMA+ had to ensure proper drainage, and that catch basins were in place to capture water runoff.

The design package also included LED lighting to reduce the environmental impact and energy costs.

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