Hull-2 Hydropower intake rehabilitation

Built in 1920, this run-of-river hydropower plant required major renovations due to the degradation of some structural elements and obsolescence of some of the generation equipment.

The complete reconstruction of this plant with its four generating units was first considered, then rejected for profitability reasons, but also to preserve existing elements, in a spirit of heritage conservation and sustainable development .

The study and design for the rehabilitation works and equipment replacement aimed at increasing the power of the Hull-2 power plant (27 MW) was carried out by CIMA+ between 2008 and 2010. The extensive use of prefabricated concrete and steel components as well as chosen construction and dewatering methods made it possible to phase construction, with groups being rehabilitated one at a time while the engineering for the next group was being completed. This allowed for meeting the strict project timeline, while maintaining three units out of four in operation throughout the duration of the works. This project was awarded the 2011 AICQ award in the Energy category.

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