Increase the production capacity of a lumber yard in winter

The Domtar mill in Windsor had to increase its production of wood chip using new logs of various lengths. CIMA+ contributed to the replacement of the 20-metric-ton overhead crane with a 30-metric-ton crane, and to the integration of a bigger production line.

The replacement of the obsolete crane was carried out in accelerated mode: the whole mandate was done within a year, from preliminary studies to the commissioning, including the installation of the crane in the heart of winter. An ingenious solution by the CIMA+ team made it possible to isolate a section of the building before opening the roof to allow for the installation of the overhead crane, thus avoiding the freezing of piping and maintaining an adequate temperature in the building.

The new line accommodates the reception of logs ranging in length from 8 to 26 feet, which facilitates local wood supply. The quality of the chips is significantly improved thanks to a new debarking system and an advanced control system.

This project included the installation and commissioning of a fixed crane, mobile cranes, a feed conveyor, a debarker, and a cutter. CIMA+ also provided the services related to the expansion of the existing building and the ventilation, heating, and fire protection systems.

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