Master Plan for Kinshasa-Ndjili International Airport

Kinshasa-Ndjili International Airport is the main point of entry and exit in the Congo.

The airport is the largest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, serving more than 12 airlines. The objective of the Master Plan is to ensure the economic growth of the airport, stipulating a layout and facilities adapted to current and future needs.

Airport authorities wanted to have a blueprint adapted to their reality and compliant with international standards. This reality had to factor in a delay in awarding the contract for the Master Plan while a construction consortium was authorized to begin design and construction work.

The study focused on new facilities and the renovation and modernization of existing facilities.

The work plan and deliverables for the Master Plan were modified to provide the client with decision-making support, with a significant focus on minimizing or eliminating costly changes without compromising the operations or the viable long-term development of the platform. The Master Plan provided for local support and contained guidelines for the contractor, along with sequencing for interventions and modifications.

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