Queen Elizabeth II Highway & Township Road 264 Interchange Functional Planning Study

CIMA+ helped plan a future service interchange to serve a rapidly expanding population.

Township Road 264 acts as the boundary between the City of Airdrie and the neighbouring Rocky View County. Airdrie’s rapid expansion has resulted in the south boundary of the city being pushed. This expansion means that the city needs to understand right-of-way requirements for a future service interchange with the Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Highway.

Working alongside Rocky View County, the City of Airdrie, and other stakeholders, CIMA+ determined the land necessary to accommodate the future right-of-way required for the interchange. The Interchange Functional Planning Study was required to develop a staged interchange plan that accounts for site constraints and future plans for the area. Public consultation was a key component of this project, and three open houses were planned to keep the public informed on the progress of the study and the team’s recommended course of action.

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