Mandaumin Reservoir Replacement and Capacity Expansion, Ontario

A time-sensitive project to expand the capacity of a water supply reservoir serving a relatively isolated population.

The Mandaumin reservoir and booster pumping station are an integral part of the Petrolia Water Supply System, providing water supply to approximately 11,000 residents in the Town of Petrolia and surrounding areas. A condition assessment was conducted by CIMA+ at the request of the Town of Petrolia to determine the viability of restoration options. CIMA+ researched viable design options that would allow the project to proceed on a very tight schedule. Detailed design and tendering were subsequently completed for:

  • Two new reservoirs on the existing site with a total capacity of 7,000 m3
  • Construction of yard piping and overflow retention pond
  • Demolition of the existing concrete water reservoir
  • Construction of a gravel access road, site regrading and restoration
  • Landscaping on the southeast corner of the property to provide a natural barrier between the new site and the existing residential property

This project won the 2017 OPWA Project of the Year Award in the “Disaster/Emergency Construction/Repair” category from the Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA).