Repair of the runway at the Nemiscau Airport site

This project was executed in a northern and isolated environment and was essential for maintaining air services in support of the activities of the client and the community of Nemaska.

CIMA+ has been working in collaboration with the Société d’énergie de la Baie-James since 2016 to upgrade its airport runway and the surrounding infrastructure.

One of the projects involved repair of the runway structure, where the material constituting the bearing layer was found to be of poor quality and inappropriate following an inspection of the runway. In addition, because one section of the runway was built using excavated materials and the other using backfill, the infrastructure exhibited inconsistent behaviour.

In response to  these constraints, proceeding with stabilization of the sub-foundation material and insulation of the runway was recommended to ensure uniform behavior of the runway.

The team also provided detailed engineering services for repair of the electrical marking system and construction of a building dedicated to the storage of abrasives.

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