Social distancing and revitalization measures

CIMA+ proposed a number of temporary pedestrian and bicycle facilities related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, new travel and recreational trends have been observed in cities. In terms of recreational activities, citizens are opting for more walking and bicycling, and waiting areas are required for clients wishing to enter retailers. In light of this, CIMA+ proposes personalized coaching to guide clients through the installation of temporary pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Available services include design studies, creation of drawings, evaluations and assistance for ensuring the continuity of implemented solutions. We also have expertise in road safety and active mode safety.

For example, in order to better respond to social distancing trends and requirements, Ville de Saint-Lambert wanted to install a safe active corridor in the downtown area. The measures that were implemented were also intended to revitalize the sector by installing terraces. The city retained the services of CIMA+ to identify and study the facilities and measures to be installed and implemented along rue Victoria.

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