Summerland Secondary School Gym Addition and Miscellaneous Renovations

Engineering and design services for the addition of a gymnasium and interior renovations at Summerland Secondary School.

Project Description

The construction work includes adding a new 1,150 m² area, demolition of 100 m² and selective demolition of 150 m². The primary focus of the expansion is to construct a new steel gymnasium, change rooms, and ancillary spaces. Additional renovation work included; realignment and removal of existing hall walls to access to the new gymnasium, removal of existing change rooms and offices, removal of wood bleachers in the existing gym. The addition of new walls allowed for storage, service access and an area for new bleachers in the existing gymnasium.

These improvements collectively enhanced the overall functionality of the gym.


Main Challenges and Innovative Solutions

The design of this project had to meet the architectural objectives while incorporating multiple construction materials such as structural steel, concrete, and lumber. The project also had to meet specific school requirements, including basketball hoops, volleyball posts, swings, exterior glass canopies, and gym cladding. All these features needed creative solutions to integrate them into one building.

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