G.E. Booth Water Resource Reclamation Facility – New Plant 1

The G.E. Booth Wastewater Treatment Plant is among the largest in Canada, serving over 1.5 million people in the Region of Peel.

The plant is comprised of three parallel conventional activated sludge facilities, and one of those – Plant 1 – is at the end of its useful life. The Region of Peel chose CIMA+ to replace it with a modern facility that would take it into the future.

The G.E. Booth Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) liquids treatment train is comprised of three parallel conventional activated sludge plants that together provide a rated capacity of 518 ML/d, making it one of the largest plants in Canada.

CIMA+ was retained to complete the replacement of the oldest infrastructure on the site with a new plant that optimizes land use, maximizes overall treatment capacity, reduces energy consumption, and simplifies long-term operations and maintenance. The design of this large and complex program, with multiple phases, evolving requirements and aggressive timelines was completed by a multi-discipline team of over 150 experts within CIMA+.

To ensure the plant maintained its treatment capacity throughout construction, the new infrastructure is being built entirely off-line while the existing plant remains operational. The use of virtual reality (VR) has helped to redesign the entire planning and the review process.

Virtual reality tour brings design details to life

Our final set of design drawings includes almost 1,200 sheets – significantly larger than what a typical project would require. To give the plant owner and operations staff a better idea of what the design really entailed, our team opted to use VR headsets during key review workshops.

VR in engineering helps meet clients where they are

With the VR headsets, the client team could virtually walk inside the new facility and see every key detail up close, making it easier for them to decide what they liked and what could be improved.

With the level of detail involved, it is estimated it would normally have taken reviewers two or three months to look at the New Plant 1 drawings, analyze the design, and provide feedback. The virtual reality tour enabled them to complete much of this task in only eight hours.

A better, safer wastewater treatment plant design

Since the plant owners and operators were able to walk through each area, they were better able to plan the interfaces. They could also easily flag potential issues – even small things like a piece of equipment that was located too high off the ground.

Catching these details in the design phase meant designing a safer plant for everyone, including for servicing and operations personnel.

The new facility was also designed to simplify the addition of emerging technologies in the future, including membrane aerated biofilm reactors (MABR).

To learn more and to watch a video of the GE Booth Wastewater Treatment Plant, click here.

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