Icône conception et construction virtuelle

BIM, Virtual Design & Construction

Digital modeling of engineering structures in the construction sector using Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) or Building Information Modeling (BIM) represents a true revolution.

The application of virtual design makes it possible to visualize completed projects right from the planning stage. This means that clients benefit from a tool that allows them to define their needs more precisely. In addition, all of the parties involved share a common understanding of the project components and their impacts on costs and schedules, coordination requirements, and on-site delivery.

The specialized CIMA+ team provides professional services for the components of virtual design:

  • Visualization, including surveys and 3D modeling, the production of renderings and virtual tours, communication and access to information
  • Technical analyses, including seismic, natural and energy-efficient lighting and energy strategy)
  • Constructability analyses related to quantities, quality, resistance, costs and sequencing
  • Statistics and measurements, including greenhouse gas emissions, the building’s life cycle, and performance

All data is gathered on a single 3D mock-up and a multidisciplinary database, which is used as the “model”, and in-depth analysis makes it possible to simulate the complete life cycle of the structure.

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