IcĂ´ne bloc-notes, mise en service


Whether in the case of a building, a water treatment plant, an electrical substation or an industrial process, commissioning is an essential step in optimizing a project as a whole.

It helps to ensure the ease, quality and safety of equipment operation, and delivery of the expected standards of performance. In other words, commissioning represents the quality assurance process for a project.

CIMA+ deploys a specialized team at each step of the process, and uses methods and a commissioning structure that comply with the most stringent standards, including ASHRAE for buildings, and ANSI/NETA for electrical installations.

Close monitoring by the CIMA+ professionals begins at the concept development stage, and continues throughout the design process. Systematic verification is carried out during construction, at equipment start-up, and during the first year of operation. Our methodical approach ensures conformity of the installation, proper operation and performance of all equipment and systems, and compliance with applicable standards and manufacturers’ tolerances. Commissioning is supported by the full documentation of the systems, along with a staff training program.