Municipal Asset Management

CIMA+ has developed a customized approach to the management of municipal assets, including pavements, storm and waste water sewer lines, and drinking water mains.

We have the expertise to carry out any stage of a project, from inventory to condition survey strategy, through to customized work priorities plan.

Thanks to our turnkey services, our team of experts is able to apply a proactive approach to every stage in the life cycle of the systems to ensure their longevity at the lowest possible cost, by implementing optimal solutions aimed at minimizing risks.

Did you know that CIMA+ is the only engineering firm in Québec that offers the services of professionals who are trained in the cleaning of pipes, access wells and manholes, video inspection, diagnosis and the formulation of recommendations for the management of underground pipes? In order to provide the reliable data required for an accurate diagnosis, we have invested in a fleet of sophisticated inspection equipment, including instruments that can record data using photos, traditional videos, or through virtual visits (e.g.: using Google Map), that allows us to meet all needs.