CIMA+ aims for an engineering practice that integrates environmental, social and economic responsibility.

Sustainability is a priority for us and a real business philosophy. We therefore put the talent and know-how of our people at the service of our customers and our communities. We made this commitment by keeping in mind the real purpose of engineering: to innovate and improve the quality of life around us.

Our expertise is grouped into four categories of services: Active and sustainable mobility, Climate change resilience and carbon management, Renewable energy and Sustainable design and performance for infrastructure assets. For more information, please contact:

Active and sustainable mobility

Supporting active transportation while ensuring universal accessibility

The implementation of incentives for active transportation and alternatives to single occupancy vehicle use takes on great importance for public and private sector stakeholders. Projects and interventions that encourage pedestrian or bicycle travel, or any mode of transportation other than single occupancy vehicle use, also influence the development of our cities and contribute to the creation of pleasant and healthy living and working conditions. Our team will guide you through the analysis, planning and design of interventions and installations that promote active and sustainable modes of transportation while ensuring universal accessibility.



Climate change resilience and carbon management

Gaining a better understanding of climate change to mitigate the impact of human activities and reduce carbon footprint. 

To allow the transition towards a sustainable way of living and contribute to the development of an economy based on the fight against climate change, it is essential for organizations and businesses to implement concrete measures to reduce their carbon footprint. We can help you better understand the environmental impacts of your activities, the mitigation measures you may use, and the principle of adaptation and resilience in terms of climate change.



Renewable Energy

Over 40 years of experience in different sources of renewable energy.

With more than 150 engineers and technologists, our team has developed its renewable energy expertise in hydroelectric, battery storage, wind and solar power. CIMA+ provides highly specialized services and a conceptual approach aimed at designing effective and cost-effective solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and compatible with the latest technological and environmental requirements.



Sustainable design and performance for infrastructure assets

Gaining a better understanding of the impact of projects on society and the environment to make better decisions early on and optimize infrastructure assets’ performance. 

Crucial decisions are made at the design stage, including the selection of materials, features, technologies, manufacturing process, potential suppliers, etc. These decisions can affect up to 80% the environmental and social impacts of a project throughout its lifecycle. We can support you in your reflection and decision-making process at this important stage to help you reduce the environmental and social impacts of your project, while optimizing construction, maintenance and operation costs.