Sustainable design and performance for infrastructure assets

Crucial decisions are made at the design stage, including the selection of materials, features, technologies, manufacturing process, potential suppliers, etc. These decisions can affect up to 80% the environmental and social impacts of a project throughout its lifecycle. We can support you in your reflection and decision-making process at this important stage to help you reduce the environmental and social impacts of your project, while optimizing construction, maintenance and operation costs.

Our expertise:

  • Facilitation of public consultations
  • Integrated Design Process (IDP)
  • Virtual design tools (BIM/VDC)
  • Certification support: LEED, Envision, Zero Carbon Building and WELL
  • Building lifecycle assessment (LCA)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Support in terms of water, air and soil quality, and mitigation or compensation measures
  • Governmental authorizations
  • Integration and adaptation of infrastructure assets to natural environments
  • Support for grant applications

Contact us to learn how we can help you ensure your project’s sustainable performance starting at the design phase:

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