A Word from the President

At CIMA+, we are looking towards the future. Our strategic vision is based on core values such as excellence, innovation, sustainability and social responsibility. We strive to create an environment where our people are inspired, motivated and supported to do their best. We also aspire to build strong partnerships with our clients, suppliers and local communities so that to create a prosperous and sustainable future for all.  

CIMA+ continues to grow across North America with a focus on sustainable development. As a key player in the green economy, we are investing in responsible growth for a sustainable future.

Denis Thivierge , P. Eng.
President and CEO

Strategic vision — Long-term objectives

As an industry leader, CIMA+ is recognized for its commitment to building a more resilient world. Through our innovative approach and high standards in terms of sustainable development, we help our clients achieve their business objectives while contributing to solving our society’s environmental challenges.

CIMA+ is experiencing significant growth through strategic acquisitions and sustained organic expansion, consolidating our leadership position in Quebec and elsewhere. By prioritizing dynamic markets and diversifying our revenue sources, we have increased our profit margins while optimizing our own revenue sources.

We also embrace a culture of innovation, integrating artificial intelligence into our daily operations and pursuing our commitment towards our ESG objectives. As one of the Best Employers in Canada, we attract and retain top talents in a stimulating work environment that fosters their professional and personal development.

Our virtual collaborative platform enhances the effectiveness and creativity of our work teams. Although telework has become widespread, our offices remain places where our talents meet, socialize and share their passion for contributing to build a better society.

Our values 

At CIMA+, our core values are rooted in our corporate culture. We are guided by ethics and integrity, team spirit, excellence, entrepreneurship and social responsibility. These values are at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to express them in each of our actions.

Our mission is to provide our clients with integrated consulting engineering services by leveraging a culture of excellence and collaboration. We believe that collaboration, innovation and excellence are essential to providing the best solutions to our clients and to overcoming the complex challenges facing our society.

Our vision is to be the best human-scale firm, recognized for our employees, and for our innovative and sustainable solutions. We aspire to be recognized as a leader in our field, focusing on quality, sustainability and innovation.

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Building a resilient future

Our purpose is to build a sustainable world. We believe in actively contributing to building a better future for present and future generations. We are committed to integrating sustainable practices into our operations, promoting environmental protection and playing an active role in creating a more resilient world for all.

At CIMA+, we are proud of our commitment towards our values, mission, vision and purpose. We are determined to continue providing high quality consulting engineering services in the areas of building, infrastructure, transportation, energy and resource engineering, as well as project management, communication systems and the environment while helping to build a more sustainable world for future generations.

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