In an interconnected world, cybersecurity has become a major concern for all industries. Cyberattacks can have critical consequences, particularly when they target operational technologies (OT).


Cybersecurity is our core priority

Companies leverage the convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) to remain agile and competitive.

These organizations need to access their data from anywhere, allow business partners to contribute to their mission, transmit and analyze large volumes of data in real time, and seize new cloud-based opportunities.

Although the benefits of this convergence are countless, it can make companies more vulnerable and exposed to cyber attacks.

That's why we leave nothing to chance and use an in-depth cybersecurity approach, covering tactical aspects and strategic issues. Our work is aligned with industry standards and best practices, such as NIST, NERC-CIP, ISO 27001, and CIS.

Cybersecurity: facts and figures

Ransomware is ranked as the #1 cyber threat by OT managers
of OT infrastructure assets are now connected to the Internet (12% in 2019)
of the companies in the OT industry have an ongoing cyberthreat assessment program
of the companies in the OT industry have never conducted a cyberthreat assessment

Our specialized expertise

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment

Ensuring the availability and integrity of critical systems in the face of cyber threats represents a new challenge for many critical organizations. The first step to taking charge of your cybersecurity is to get a detailed picture of the current situation.

A cybersecurity maturity assessment is the activity that will allow you to understand your current level of cybersecurity and benchmark it with similar organizations in the same industry.

The assessment provides a 360-degree view of all activities impacting your cybersecurity, while proposing concrete measures aimed at quickly and measurably strengthening the level of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity governance

Cybersecurity governance provides strategic direction, policies, and oversight to ensure effective cybersecurity practices reducing risks against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity governance helps organizations establish structured frameworks (such as NIST, CIS, ISO27001, IEC62443), policies, and practices to effectively manage and mitigate cyber risks and maintain the security of the industry.

Information governance

Information governance provides a comprehensive approach that integrates not only document management (structure and lifecycle of documents) but also data prioritization and the implementation of security measures associated with their roles. Its effective integration promotes information control and facilitates collaboration among stakeholders in your organization, while maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your informational assets.

Cybersecurity threat and risk assessment

A cybersecurity threat and risk assessment examine potential threats and vulnerabilities in the framework of a project. This is performed by leveraging threat intelligence and modelling to identify risks, while considering regulatory compliance if applicable.

All the threats identified are documented and rated based on the probability they will manifest, and their impact.

Our experts also provide recommendations and advice on adequate mitigation measures.

An inherently secure design is the most effective means of protecting your assets against attackers.

Vulnerability assessment

A vulnerability assessment is the most effective and diligent way to test your organization’s cybersecurity, ensuring that there are no vulnerabilities or security misconfigurations that can be exploitable by attackers. Such audits can be performed on external networks to determine public exposure to attackers and on internal networks for more comprehensive results.

A vulnerability assessment will reveal which assets pose the greatest risks to the organization and suggest the most effective mitigation measures. We provide technical support to help you navigate the challenges associated with risk remediation.

Vulnerability assessments should be carried out regularly, especially in mission-critical or fast-changing environments.

Intrusion test

An intrusion test is the best method to identify hard-to-find vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security flaws within applications.

Intrusion tests are performed by specially trained security professionals (ethical hackers) using real-world attacker’s tactics and techniques to simulate controlled  cyberattacks. Moreover, an intrusion test will concretely demonstrate the real impacts of cyberattacks, thus helping the organization identify and understand the risks to which it is exposed.

All the threats identified are documented and rated according to the probability they will manifest,

and the severity of their impact. Our experts provide an action plan to help you mitigate the risks associated with these threats, as well as technical support to help you navigate the challenges associated with risk remediation.

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