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Highways and roads are more than just a way to get from Point A to Point B: they maintain and develop strategic connections between cities and other economic, tourism, and social hubs. They help move people and cargo from one place to another, as well as promote and provide scalable and responsive multimodal mobility solutions for all users, from cyclists to pedestrians and public transit drivers. Road engineering is about designing today the roadways of tomorrow.


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Today and tomorrow’s roads and highways must be safe and sustainable and integrate every active mode of transportation. It is important to consider the evolution of user mobility, the aging of the population, urban sprawl, regional remoteness, and stormwater management. We must also ensure that roads respect and value wildlife, plants, fish, and wetlands that are an integral part of our environment. More than ever, we are facing the challenges of climate change, forcing us to redefine our roads and create sustainable infrastructure with the smallest environmental impact and footprint.

At CIMA+, we consider all these factors and more with the objective of exceeding today's standards. We carefully manage the design and supervision process of all the projects we deliver, in order to better control costs and quality for our clients.

Our expertise: facts and figures

CIMA+’s achievements span more than 30 years and speak for themselves.

road engineering employees
Offices in six provinces in Canada
projects per year
Participation in 22 of the largest road projects in Canada

Our specialized services

Rely on our multidisciplinary professionals to meet and exceed your requirements and expectations. We offer a full range of engineering services to successfully deliver your project, from start to finish.

Roundabout planning and design

With the benefits of roundabouts now well established and documented, the use of these alternative intersection control devices has become customary throughout much of North America. Whether for increasing road capacity, reduce congestion, improve safety, control speed or design a footbridge, CIMA+’s staff can help you. They have extensive experience in the planning and design of roundabouts for all users, including operational and safety aspects.

We have completed roundabout planning, safety assessments, peer reviews and design for numerous government agencies. Supplemented by our consultation, stormwater management and municipal engineering capabilities, CIMA+’s transportation planning and engineering staff provide the core services for roundabout planning and design services using software tools such as ARCADY, TORUS and SIDRA.

Highway and road design and supervision

Designing and supervising road projects requires an in-depth knowledge of the interactions between a multitude of components including road geometry, pavement profiles, road drainage, active and public transportation components, road safety, access development, utilities, ecosystems, and geotechnics.

Our experts make sure they understand the project's context, as well as related issues, risks, and challenges. They consider the needs of all users, and rigorously follow all applicable design guidelines and requirements..

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Our teams have successfully completed hundreds of large-scale engineering projects.

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